Come to a basic class in taxes for Americans abroad. I’ll be talking about the Streamline Offshore Filing programme.  … Read More

Everyone has tax questions and sometimes you’re afraid to ask them. Ask them anonymously at the next DAUK Tax Committee Zoom seminar. To ask, just sign up before the seminar and send your question. Then log in to the seminar and your question is answered. Since we don’t know who asked what question, you get… Read More

With its long-standing global position and English-speaking culture, the United Kingdom is a popular destination for American expats. Among many things to consider when living and working in the UK, however, is how UK tax will affect US citizens. Her Majesty Revenue & Customs HMRC is the United Kingdom’s equivalent to the IRS. Its primary… Read More

In the UK taxation system, the term ‘domicile’ defines a long-term intention for residency in the United Kingdom. Whether US expats and their family members voluntarily or involuntarily gained the UK domicile status, it is important when determining their future and current UK IHT tax exposures. If US expats are domiciling in the UK, their… Read More

Understanding tax allowances, deductions, and refunds for American expats living in the UK can be difficult without the help of an expert tax advisor. Common mistakes when filing taxes can be costly and they could delay payments. The basic allowance for taxpayers in 2021-2022 is £12,570 which means that there will be an income tax… Read More

The US government requires its citizens to pay tax for their international income even if they have gained permanent resident status in another country. Fortunately, there are some special provisions that protect US national from double taxation: Foreign Earned Income Exclusion – expats should take advantage of the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion to reduce taxable… Read More

Back in 2019, when the UK’s separation from the EU was a virtual certainty approaching implementation, we took a look at Brexit’s impact on the economy, including how it might alter the relationships between currency values. At that time, the GBP was still coming off of a low that had resulted from the certification of the… Read More

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