Any time we are dealing with an expat, a foreign employee who is working here in the UK, or a foreign national doing business in the UK and abroad, there are certain tax implications that we encounter. While challenging and sometimes downright odd in nature, we must still adhere to these tax laws and misunderstanding… Read More

With the UK being one of the friendliest tax havens in the EU, many expats from countries all over the world are seeing the advantages of moving here and taking advantage of the wide range of tax reliefs our country offers. In fact, if you are from the United States and you work in the… Read More

When UK voters voiced their concerns about being a part of the EU, very few actually listened. Then, it became a movement and that movement became a referendum known as Brexit. Love it or hate it, those in favour of Brexit got their wish (sort of) on June 23, 2016 as the Brexit referendum passed… Read More

George Anson vs. HMRC [2015] UKSC 44 Update — Liz Zitzow, EA CAA, Managing Director It’s been a few years on since Anson vs. HMRC back on the 1st of July, 2015. For those who don’t recall that case, here’s what happened: Mr. Anson owned a Limited Liability Company (“LLC”) which elected like most LLCs… Read More

If Americans own more than 50% of a non-US corporation, they’re GILTI. The GILTI tax works out to approximately 17% of the foreign corporation’s net profit before dividends. That’s huge. I found ways to reduce that down to a manageable figure including methods that bring it right down to zero but alas, it’s not a… Read More