Back in 2019, when the UK’s separation from the EU was a virtual certainty approaching implementation, we took a look at Brexit’s impact on the economy, including how it might alter the relationships between currency values. At that time, the GBP was still coming off of a low that had resulted from the certification of the… Read More

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Understanding director’s loans is an important factor in today’s business world. What is a director’s loan and how does it affect your tax obligation? A director’s loan constitutes of any money that the director takes out from a company, which is not used to pay out operational expenses, dividends, or salaries. A director’s loan account… Read More

What Is The US Foreign Trust Tax? A foreign trust is a tax structure that allows the transfer of property from grantor (property owner) to another party called the trustee. The trustee is tasked to administer the property that will benefit a third party called the beneficiary. Under US law, any trust that is organized… Read More

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